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Come Sail Away
Adventure Canada, an expedition cruise line that's been bringing passengers to Newfoundland and Labrador for two decades, has perfected many aspects of the cruise experience. One is the wake-up call.

No, it's not a monotone voice on the other end of the phone gently nudging you from your cabin. At least on the morning this Downh...
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The Sea Adventurer in St. John's
The trinkets contained in one of Downhome's geocaches

Find Downhome's Geocaches
Magazine staff have hidden three Downhome geocaches in the spectacular great outdoors of our beautiful province.

For those of you who don't know, a "geocache" is a container filled with small toys and other inexpensive trinkets. Seeking them is the goal of "geocaching," a high-tech treasure hunt that spans the globe. When a geocacher uncovers a cache, he or she usually takes an item and leaves an item of theirs behind in its place.
A WILD Encounter article picture

A WILD Encounter
There are two main reasons to visit the Little, Big Bear Safari, located about 90 minutes from Moncton in Acadieville, New Brunswick. One, of course, is to safely view black bears as they roam onto the wilderness site. Another is to meet Richard Goguen, a.k.a. "the bear whisperer."

"My husband has a gift with animals," says Vivianne Goguen, who co-owns the attraction with her partner. The couple built an observation tower in 1998
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25 Ways to Survive May 24 in NL
Whether you're spending the weekend boating, camping or partying at the cabin, here are some tongue-in-cheek, but surprisingly practical, things to take or do to make the most of this May Two-Four. (In order of no importance.)

1. Pack several changes of clothes: rubber clothes, wool clothes, flannel clothes, summer clothes. Be like the Scouts, prepared for anything.

2. At least 5 tarps - one to cover the cold, wet ground; one to
The Bear Necessities  article picture

The Bear Necessities
Hikers and campers will soon be headed into the great outdoors in droves for some much needed wilderness therapy after a long, snowy winter. Of course, there's nothing like a wildlife sighting or two - perhaps a moose ambling along the trail or a hungry gray jay sneaking off with some picnic lunch - to feel at one with nature.

But what if you come across a bear?

According to Todd
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The Bear Necessities  article picture

10 Steps to Beating Jet Lag
Trips to faraway lands can be exciting and rewarding, but the jet lag caused by long or multiple flights, changing time zones and improper rest can be a drain on your vacation. People generally associate jet lag with a feeling of sleeplessness and fatigue. But the symptoms are wider ranging and can include nausea, constipation, diarrhea, sweating, dehydration, poor coordination, headache and even memory loss.

Jet lag remedies abound, with suggestions for before, during
The Bear Necessities  article picture

Gros Morne Mountain
By Cheryl Briggs

For those thinking about hiking Gros Morne Mountain alone - don't. I had planned to hike it solo until my more seasoned hiking colleagues warned me against it. What were they cautioning me about? Fog.

"The trail is well marked, how hard can it be?" I thought. Well, if the fog rolls in it's a lot more difficult to navigate the mountain than you would imagine. The fog courts the
The Bear Necessities  article picture

My First Taste of The Ledge
By Michelle MacIssac

Our two sons have been visiting a place they call "The Ledge" for two summers now. They say the scenery and swimming in this area along Kippens River near Stephenville is second to none.

Watch Michelle's kids in action at "The Ledge."

So one Sunday in May 2009, about two hours after the boys had left
The Bear Necessities  article picture

West and Southwest Newfoundland
Some of the province's most beautiful beaches, expansive views, dramatic coastline and verdant hectares are found on the west and southwest coasts. They lure drivers, hikers and boaters to explore and discover this amazing region.

In the June 2009 issue of Downhome, we explore the west and southwest coast of Newfoundland, visiting the Stephenville Theatre Festival, unveiling 10 of the region's spectacular picnic spots, and introducing you to inspirational individuals who either hail from or live in this part of our province.

Click here to view a slideshow of images from some of the most scenic spots in this area.


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