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Just a little sad~
Me, Moi, I; I'm a little sad
"Why, why you ask"?
Not going home this summer and that is bad
I'll miss the 'Beach', the 'Track' and the 'Trestle'
The 'Crab Legs', the Capelin' and the fresh 'Mussels'
I won't be going 'Up the Harbour and Down the Shore'
Nor having a 'Cup of Tea' with friends and more
I won't be goin' 'Around the Bay'
But my Mom is coming up, so that's OK~
Alicia "Celeste" Loughrey

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Pretty Wild Roses

The pretty wild roses of my youth

Are the same pretty wild roses of today

I remember my mom and aunt picking a few

Setting them on their vanities for display

They have a strong fragrant odor that
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Alicia "Celeste" Loughrey

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You played with your dog, after a job well done.
Now he sits and waits for you.

You smiled as you led parades
Now we weep for you.

You patrolled our streets late at night.
Now we look over our shoulder.

You stood next to the cenotaph in November.
Now we lay flowers on your doorstep.

You wore your red serge with pride.
Now the red is your blood.

We stand together in disbelief.
Now you are gone.
Bruce Chappell
St Johns, Newfoundland

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Salute to the Class of '52
I had a call the other night
From a classmate of '52
To say another one had passed
Oh, what is one to do?

We sallied forth to our careers
And after a lifetime you and me
No doubt have left each one our mark
From our life experiences at PWC

With each passing year it seems
Our numbers dwindle to a few
And when we reunite again
There may be only me
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John Cornick
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Salute to the Late NL Poet, R. A. Parsons
As a poet of Newfoundland lore
You were without doubt unsurpassed
I wish I could have known you then
And some of your wisdom amassed

Your poems are to me the essence
Of everything truly Newfoundland
Penned in clarity, you have given us
A glimpse of our native homeland

Though gone now for thirty odd years
Your poetic legacy is with us still
And daily I reach to read your works
For in
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John Cornick
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Twilight Hours Love Song
My Love your voice is like a breath
Of warmest mist-filled ocean air
Your form evokes a memory past
I so cherish and hold dear

We loved and procreated here
Midst beauty all around
Held so dear within our breasts
On soft, so sacred ground

Your loyalty has remained steadfast
Through all these cherished years
And you have been my rock and shield
No room for blame or tears

Our lives are
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John Cornick
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Let Me Avow
Let Me Avow
Elmsdale, Nova Scotia
By DL Mattila

This was no ghostly, ancient raven
tapping at a chamber door,
no figment of one's imagination.
No indeed, this was something more

than flight of fancy. An ebony bird,
perched upon a
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dl mattila
Oakton, Virginia

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