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Reveal the hilarious things that have happened in your life, and let us all have a chuckle with you!

Right Colour, Wrong Car
I went into a drugstore in Harbour Breton, Newfoundland one day while my husband waited in our car, a green Ford Tempo. When I came back out of the store, I opened the car door and sat in the front passenger's seat. I never said a word as I waited for my husband to start the car and back out of the parking spot. When nothing happened, I asked "What are you waiting for?" as
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Marie Caines (Miles)
Pools Cove, NL

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Hair today, air tomorrow.
I've lived away from Newfoundland for over 35 years, yet I still don't always understand what I hear on the mainland. It happened one day when my supervisor was telling me a story about her father in law who had to use a spray to conceal a bad smell. According to her, he had used hair spray which baffled me. I lost track of her story while I tried to understand why he would use
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Fronie Smith
Toronto, Ontario

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Anything to Make Winter Go Away

This is a picture I posted on my Facebook page. Me and my wife are so ready for winter to go away and we were in the middle of the northeaster that hit Port aux Basques on the 26th of March. My
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david Hardy
port aux basques, Newfoundland

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Newfie Dialect
My nephew and his wife were visiting from Ontario, they stayed at my sister's home. My nephew was sitting at the breakfast table one morning and when my brother-in-law comes in, my sister says to her husband "I knows you didn't do no snoring last night!" He replies, "Yes I knows I did." She replies "No I knows you didn't!" When my nephew goes back home he puts it on Facebook - my aunt and uncle from Newfoundland having a morning conversation. I'm betting his friends are still trying to figure that one out. We are so unique, every time I tell this story I get so many laughs. I thought I would share again. By the way my nephew loves Newfoundland and why wouldn't he?
Jean Vineham
Botwood , NL.

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Sex in Newfoundland...
as the Newfoundland-born son of a Newfoundlander, of a Newfoundlander, I am justifiably proud of my heritage...we have something that nobody else has...Newfoundland...

in my efforts to document my roots, I requested a copy of the death certificate of my grandfather, who passed away at the age of 84 in 1978...when I opened and read the birth certificate, his marital status was listed as Married...and his sex was listed as Married...seems that, in Newfoundland, you can have sex, or be married, but not both?...
John Crane
Pickering ON

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Snowman Hitchin' a Ride
This snowman knew the rain was coming so he's getting a ride to Labrador. Taken By Michelle Price, and made by Donna Smith, Marion Stone, Maureen Spurrell on March 12. Rattle, Little Hearts Ease, Trinity Bay.
donna smith
gooseberry cove TB..NL A0E 2A0

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My First Fishing Season in Forteau Bay
My Name is Robert Butt and I was born in 1949 in Blanc Sablon. I then moved to English Point at the age of seven. I grew up fast and went fishing with Stanley Trimm at age 16. In the month of June he called me to go fishing with him, casting for caplin, fixing up our wharf, we had to put new planks on it each year and get trawls ready to fish. ... click to read more
Robert Butt
Forteau, NL

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