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Reveal the hilarious things that have happened in your life, and let us all have a chuckle with you!

Try This Trick
One sunny day, my brother-in-law Lorne was sitting in the backyard with his three-year-old grandson Jack. Lorne was enjoying a rare cigar, and much to Jack's delight, was blowing smoke rings. After much giggling and cries for more, more, more, Jack finally said, "Okay, Poppy, now make me an X."
judy power
calgary, alberta

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A Crash Course
Some years ago, I worked at the Iron Ore Company of Canada bush camp and construction site in Western Labrador. The area was called the Carol Project and, later, Labrador City. The only access to the site was by air, or on a branch rail line from The Quebec and North Shore & Labrador railway from Seven Islands.

Therefore, it was with no little interest that my best friend and roommate brought in his
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Grant Hiscock

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About 20 years ago , very young in my social work career, I set out one summer morning over the fog of Renews , eager to start in at mt home visits. Unfortunately, I had caught my pantyhose getting into my car,
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Carol Reardon
Lewisporte, NL

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Grand-daughter's Love For Pop
We were down visiting our 4 year old Grand-daughter in Trinidad and while she was sitting on her Pop's lap, she looked at him in the eye and said, "Pop, when I grow up I'm going to marry you!"
Stella Fowler
Shannon Rutherford
Upper Island Cove, NL (part time)

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At the intersection of Humber Road and Riverside Drive in Corner Brook.

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My Most Embarrassing Moment
It was August 1943. I got home after work, hopped on my bicycle and peddled off to the Mille Isle River for a swim. Along with me was my pet dog, an Airdale named Bozo.
On my way I saw a girl I knew at the roadside talking with her parents and sister. So I stopped to say hello. After a few moments I noticed that Bozo was becoming very restless but I, stupidly, ignored him.... click to read more

Bob Schofield

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Kid Wisdom
My 5 year old daughter announced at supper one evening that she had found a new channel on TV that she liked. She said "Mom, I loves that new channel 26"!.
I replied "Oh? I'm not sure what that channel is about".
She said "you knows the one where they're fighting all the time and everyone hates each other"!!
She then proceeded to put channel 26 on to show me. And lo and was the House of Commons channel!!!!
Well she didn't get the description of the show wrong did she? LOL
Coralee Blake
Gander Bay South, Newfoundland

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